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Summer Intensive!

Open for Enrollment!

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Our Mission

Enhancing the region through ballet awareness, education and performance.


Our Story

Oil Region Ballet is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The Oil Region Ballet (ORB) was created in 2009 to provide greater options for dancers with the skill to perform on a pre-professional level and pair them with professional dancers in an environment of support and discipline. ORB endeavors to bring guest instructors and Master Classes to area dancers within our communities, while also offering opportunities to explore the outside dance world. 

ORB wishes to establish a love of ballet within our communities and pass the joy of dance on to audiences, especially young people who may have artistic dreams of their own. In this way, ORB hopes to nurture a passion for the art of ballet which will carry forward through future generations. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

Things We Do

  • Offer local dancers the opportunity to perform in professional productions.

  • Offer local dance talent professional classes several times a year through a master class series.

  • Offer a full range dance intensive training program with guest instructors to any dancer of age for a full week each summer.

  • Offer community youth exposure to the art of ballet.

  • Offer area youth education into the dance world with question and answer opportunities.

  • Offer area educators opportunities to expose their students to the art with low cost performances.

  • Offer scholarship opportunities to area talent to attend educational opportunities.

  • Offer extended educational opportunities to its dancers through journeys into the dance world.

  • Offer area businesses sales and income with its local commerce.

  • Offer area youth healthy choices to risky alternatives.

  • Offer area youth free or reduced attendance to alternative entertainment and exposure to the art.

  • Rent studio space from local dance studios.

  • Rent theater space from local historic theaters.

Things that we are not:

Contrary to common misconception, ORB is NOT a dance studio. We do not own bricks or mortar. We are not a single community organization, but draw from many surrounding communities for our talent and support. We do not align ourselves with any local dance studio. We remain independent of and offer our services to, all dance studios, dancers and communities. Our organization remains largely an all-volunteer entity.   

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