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The Oil Region Ballet, or "ORB" as it is commonly referred to by its loyal followers, is a non-profit performance ballet company. ORB's mission is to enhance the arts in our region by creating ballet awareness, educating the public as well as area dance talent, while bringing quality full - length ballet performances to our communities.


Board of Directors

Dedicated to the Art

Our own devoted Board of Directors remains an all-volunteer group of individuals who offer the organization untold hours of their personal time. This esential team keeps our non-profit  moving forward, and constantly evolving in response to need and growth.


Our Team

The leadership of Oil Region Ballet believes in making the Art of Ballet approachable and relatable to modern audiences and the rapidly changing world. Through the adaptation of modernized  folk tales and literature, ORB's performances provide both real and fictional role models. All are rich with relatable characters who learn valuable moral lessons and overcome challenges with humor and personal growth.


Artistic Director

Deborah Femovich

Oil Region Ballet’s Founder, Executive Director, and Artistic Director. Deborah is native of Michigan. She studied under such renowned names as Ed Riffle, Rich Ron, Sally Seven, Bene Arnold, Barbra Hamblin, Douglas Bentz and Conrad Ludlow. She is a graduate of University of Utah and Point Park College. She has a Bachelors's degree in Fine Arts with a major in Ballet. Deborah was a member of the Grand Rapids Ballet.

Her post-graduate studies include a certification in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. Deborah taught dance in Grand Rapids, Pittsburgh, and Morgantown before relocating to this area where she has continued to teach for eighteen more years. 

She is a great believer in giving dancers the opportunity to perform full-length ballet productions in a professional and supportive environment. The joy of performing is a dancer's greatest reward.


Costume Mistress

Tina Borger

ORB's amazing costumer resides in Tennessee. With the help of her husband and fellow costume engineer David Borger, Tina brings the extraordinary ORB characters to life.

Once the Artistic Director has conceived of a character and envisioned its form, she sends the idea with dancer measurements to Tina. With this concept in hand and working from her home in the outskirts of Nashville, Tina's team must engineer how to bring the character to life. Tina and David love the large and challenging character tasks, while Deborah Femovich sews the more mundane corps costumes locally.

After the cast of characters is complete, a truck full of creations must now parade up the road to Pennsylvania.

During each dress rehearsal and performance, Tina is tirelessly repairing the heavily used costumes behind the scenes.


Team Photographers

Our talented team of volunteer photographers capture ORB's magical moments.

Set Design
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