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It Takes a Village

A non-profit, all-volunteer organization like ORB cannot thrive without the support of friends and neighbors within our communities. When you give to ORB, you advance the arts in our neighborhoods and make it possible for young men and women to further their dance careers. Each contribution helps ensure the availability of high-quality ballet performances in community theaters, enhancing lives both on and off the stage. 

ORB's Sponsorship program,

offering several funding levels for both individuals and businesses, has been developed to aid the Oil Region Ballet in growing and expanding its programing. Donations also help cover production costs including expenditures for costumes, dance shoes, props, set construction and dance education. 

Each member of the company is deeply grateful for all funding received from family, friends, and members of the wider community and your continued support. 

Thank you.

Support: Who We Are

Thank you to our 2024 sponsors for your generosity and support!

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The Oil Region Ballet Company gratefully
acknowledges its generous grantors of 2024.

ORB gratefully acknowledges the support that we have received from the following grantors
sponsor packages
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