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We are back!

Restrictions have been eased and ORB is rolling out its Master Class series!

 However, for everyone's safety, we do have a Covid-19 protocol in place. Please note the following:

ORB Covid-19 Protocols                 


  1. The lobby will not be available as a waiting area. Families will need to wait in their vehicles.

  2. Doorbell must be rung to enter the building. One person at a time will wait in the breezeway and one “On deck” outside the door.

  3. Temperatures will be taken before any student, faculty or staff enter the school via infrared thermometer. No one with a temperature of 100.5 or higher will be admitted. No student, family, or staff member will enter the building with flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, chills) or having been knowingly exposed to Covid-19 over the last 14 days.

  4. A sign-in will be required of each person entering the building for tracing purposes.

  5. All teachers, staff, and students will wear face coverings as recommended by the CDC. 

  6. Dressing rooms will not be used to change clothes.  All students must do their hair and get into their dance attire (except shoes) at home to reduce interactions. Dancers should use designated space to store dance bags.

  7. All dancers and staff will maintain six feet of social distancing with clearly placed markers outside and in the lobby, and studios.

  8. “High touch” surfaces such as barres, door handles, switches, faucets will be disinfected after each class. 

  9. No dancer will be admitted to “watch” rehearsal.

stay tuned
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