The Frog Prince 2014

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The Cast:

Tirena - Jess Stachelrodt

Tirena’s Mother –Justice Gray

Hattie – Maddy Henry

Hattie’s Daddy – Rick Loeffert

Street Band – Lily Dunn, Skylar Morrell, Hannah Young, Taylor Thomas

Prince - Damien Martinez

Valet – Trevor Runco

Café Dancers –Alayna Rose Earp, Shannon Wolff, Kayla McCandless, Erica Perry, Erin Edwards, Taylor Thomas

Real Estate Agent 1 – Taylor Kendzior

Real Estate Agent 2 – Caroline Coulter

Dr. Voodoo – Morgan Virginia Jacoby

Magic Assistants –Rachel Leech, Victoria Stachelrodt

Dog –Abbey Shull

Masquerade Dancers – Rachel Leech, Alayna Rose Earp, Erica Perry, Shannon Wolff, Kayla McCandless, Audrianna Montgomery, Abbey Shull, Hannah young, Taylor Thomas, Lily Dunn, Skylar Morrell, Rachel Howard, Erin Edwards, Victoria Stachelrodt

Alli Gator – Taylor Kendzior

Alligator Boos– Skylar, Morrell Lily Dunn

Da Damselflies – Rachel Howard, Audrianna Montgomery

Kush-Kush Crawfish – Hannah Young

Catlick Crane Fly – Trevor Runco

Chalmette Crane Fly - Rachel Leech

Kay Jen Flambeaux – Erin Edwards

Looka Luna Moth – Abbey Shull

Frog Prince – Damien Martinez

Frog Tirena - Jess Stachelrodt

Flock of Egrets – Kayla McCandless, Taylor Thomas, Erica Perry, Rachel Howard, Alayna Rose Earp, Shannon Wolff, Hannah Young

Mimi – Caroline Coulter

Anna Conda– Justice Gray

Flock of Flamingos – Maddy henry, Abbey Shull, Rachel Leech, Victoria Stachelrodt, Morgan Jacoby

Shadows – Lily Dunn, Skylar Morrell, Audrianna Montgomery